Morgan Davie

by admin

MorgueThirties. Male. The Hutt. Little daughter, the Wee Beastie. Spend my days looking after her.
Tall.Write stuff. Not married, civilly unioned instead. Been under general anaesthetic twice, once for wisdom teeth, once for a smashed-up nose. Enjoyed the experience both times. Called Morgue by pretty much everyone for two decades now, except for messages of condolence. Went to single-sex boys school where everyone watched Jem & the Holograms with great dedication. Listens to the same podcasts as everyone else (Kermode, Bugle, This American Life). Painfully left wing, actually joined the Greens. Wears a kilt.

Blogging since 2003; should probably be better at it by now.

Interested in interactivity, psychology, stories, and not being a dick. We’ll see how that works out.


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