UnHeralded Stuff: 7 January 2014

by Lord Sutch

Breaking newsHere’s a collection of links to stories I haven’t noticed on Stuff or the Herald. Most of it is depressing because hey, we live in a depressing world. But there we go. Also, this is obviously not ideal because it’s what I consider important. You may have seen some of these. Or not:

Syria is still going to hell in a handbasket

Sudan and South Sudan have begun peace talks and have agreed to deploy teams to protect their valuable oil fields. They’re working together.

Canadian Government has been accused of covering up abuse of its indigenous people.

Thousands of people have taken to the streets of Bangkok as protests continue. This one has been called a ‘practice’ for the main event. Nice that they can do that.

That story about Kim Jong-Un feeding his uncle to the dogs? Yeah that was done on China’s equivalent of the Onion. Bet all you people who felt smugly clever at those fooled by the abortion-complex have egg on your faces.

There’s a volcano causing strife in El Salvador. More than 2000 people have been evacuated lest it erupts.

While North Americans freeze, South Americans are sweltering. A heat wave in Argentina has killed seven people already.

The Mexican military has taken control of a prison after rioting caused the deaths of nine inmates. For context, four people died at the Boston Marathon bombing


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