The best way to remember the Chch Quake?

by Morgan Davie

keep-calm-and-get-ready-178Sure, watch the Campbell Live coverage of all the people who are still living in very messed-up circumstances.
And yes, read the newspaper reports on the battles over the city’s recovery.
And watch the news coverage of the memorial ceremonies and take a moment to consider the dead – this being New Zealand, they won’t be too many degrees of separation from you.

That’s all good, but there’s something else you can do, something you *should* do: get prepared.

I think the best way to mark the anniversary on February 22, the most respectful thing to do, is to get yourself ready for disaster to strike in your neighbourhood. Sort out your emergency kit, make sure it’s fully stocked and up-to-date. Check in with the neighbours, make a plan with your family, all that good stuff.

Preparation isn’t hard. Maintaining your kit isn’t difficult. But it is the kind of thing where you say “I’ll do that next week”, only next week never comes. So use the anniversary of the disaster that punched NZ hard. Don’t let the date slip by.

And of course it’s easier to remember, and to follow through on our good intentions, if we work together. Put a pledge on Twitter, or make a date with your friends to go shopping for disaster stuff on the day (then go for coffee afterwards to celebrate being all responsible), or get your kids to treat it as a project.

I’d love it if you joined the Facebook page: GetPrepared22Feb. Like us and you’ll get regular reminders as the date approaches. (And then it shuts up for most of the year.)

We’re also on Twitter, @GetPreppedFeb22. I haven’t put much work into growing this audience yet, but, working on it.

So this year, don’t just remember the last disaster – get ready for the next one. That’s what I’m gonna do. Please join me.


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