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Becoming a grown up

Becoming a grown up

I used to think that no-one ever really grows up. There are all these milestones that are supposed to signify maturity

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The four albums that have changed me

The four albums that have changed me

So hasn’t it been a joyous ol’ political time lately? In order to have a break from it because it’s exhausting me, I thought I’d sit and reflect on a subject that I love more than any. Me. I was in the car listening to my iPod when some music came on that features in my four most important albums.

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This would be an amazing business shirt

Obligations: or how I learned to grow up and iron a Goddamn shirt

I guess one of the real tricks of adult life – one of the ways you can tell that you are, in fact, growing up – is figuring out how to get stuff done that you don’t want to do without being a total asshole.

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