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I imagine all male Stuff commenters look like this

What to expect when you’re not expecting XII: Dicks are dicks

We’re back on. Today was day 0, Kim has begun taking a new pill that does some wizardry to try and get us a better outcome from this round of IVF.

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A tale of two sinners

A tale of two sinners

Recently in the news we’ve had a couple of examples of inappropriate behaviours from white men in positions of power.

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Can you feel my satire?

Laughing my fucking ass off

*Possible trigger warnings* The latest outrage for us to express our outrage over and be outraged came in twos this week, when our Prime Minister made a joke about a paedophile and then RedFoo (from LMFAO) side-kicked in a song called “Literally I can’t“.

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James laughed, all the while checking out Chad's spectacular left moob

Three conversations I’ve had in a bar

Three conversations take place in a bar. To be fair, only two of these conversations have actually happened. The other one hasn’t yet, but it will.

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Are women funny?

Are women funny?

By Michele A’Court. I have been making a living out of being funny for the past 21 years. Maybe a little longer if you count hosting “What Now” from 1987, a children’s programme heavy on the comedy sketches and witty banter.

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