Excellent customer service from Spark

by Lord Sutch

SparkWe’re always very quick to complain when customer service is shit (see Fone,Voda).But today I had excellent customer service, so I thought I’d share it, because not enough people praise companies when they are good.

I bought a data add-on from Spark last month, and then this morning I got a text telling me it was going to renew. I did not want that, so I went to the Spark website to try and stop it. I accidentally created a “Myspark” account for my entire organisation instead of just me, so I had to go to the live-chat option to sort it out.

What follows is the transcript.

Spark : Question:I have inadvertently signed in to MySpark as my work and I don’t want to do that.
David : Hi Claire!
Claire : Hi there David 🙂
David : So I wanted a MySpark account because I bought some data as a one off
David : and I wanted to not renew it
David : so I got a MySpark account
David : except it’s not just me I have a myspark account for
David : I have my entire company!
Claire : Oh no!  Okay, so when you say you’ve signed in as your work, what do you mean – oh, okay….
David : And…that seems bad.
Claire : We can sort this!  What’s your number?
David : Phone number? *** *** *****
Claire : Let me take a quick look, I won’t be a sec 🙂
David : Cool. I’ll play candy crush.
Claire : Ha!  You do that 🙂
Claire : Righto – found the registration…so this is a work phone, yes?
David : Yeah.
Claire : Did you create the myspark registration, or was it already active?
David : I created it, like 5 minutes ago
Claire : Cool….want me to delete the registration?
David : Yeah I think that’s probably best.
David : But I also really don’t want the data add-on I bought to renew.
David : does your avatar have an eye patch?
Claire : Yup, I’m a pirate.
Claire : A real one.
Claire : Argh!
David : Amazing.
Claire : Yup, gotta work nowadays to cover ship repairs.
David : so you are a kind hearted pirate
David : which is the best kind
Claire : All done 🙂  Stopped the renewal and cancelled the registration for myspark 🙂
David : You are truly a champion of people.
Claire : no no…very mean hearted and fearsome…just helpful too.
David : hahaa well thank you very much for your mean hearted, fearsome, helpfulness.
Claire : fear me.
Claire : no probs 🙂
Claire : Anything else I can help with today?
David : Nope, I am both satisfied and quaking in my boots
David : so you have succeeded.
Claire : Excellent 🙂
Claire : My job is done.
David : Thanks again! And have a hearty day.
Claire : have a great day 🙂
Claire : Argh.
David : Yeaaagh

So to “Claire” at Spark, whoever you are, you are awesome. Good on you for showing some personality.


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Ray March 26, 2015 - 9:30 am

Yes I had a very positive interaction with a Spark last week
I was upping my Broadband and wondered why it was advertised as only costing $10 but the online form said $20
Only in the main centres she said but for the same money we could get unlimited
All done with good humour

claudia March 26, 2015 - 10:20 am

I always had great customer service from Spark! Nothing to complain. Can’t say the same about other companies though.
But the best customer service ever happened when I got a cold call trying to sell whatever and I dismissed it saying I wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t talk. The guy called back to ask if I needed help or if I want him to call someone/emergency for me. 🙂

Elisabeth March 26, 2015 - 10:35 am

I’ve pretty much found Spark service to be awesome all the way. From the awesome woman at Queensgate who sorted my plans out for me when a rare overly-pushy salesman from the business team wouldn’t stop calling when I’d asked for email contact to the call centre employee who happy told me what their policies were around dealing with the accounts of deceased people when I needed to find out what the industry standard was after getting the complete run-around from another telco.

Other awesome customer service I’ve come across is from the tellers at ASB in Willis Street and BNZ on Victoria/Manners St in Wellington.


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