Redistribute my ass

by Lord Sutch

Massive sexual assault trigger warnings.

There was a vehicle murder in Toronto recently. A guy drove his car into a large group of people and so far he has been charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder and 13 counts of attempted murder. On his Facebook page, the attacker wrote “The Incel rebellion has begun”. And if you didn’t know what incels are then you’re probably lucky. They’re a group of men who are “involuntarily celibate”, i.e. they’d like to have sex but just don’t seem to be able to. And they blame women for this. Women, you see, are withholding sex from them and, as that’s a women’s duty, they should be punished.

The Toronto attacker also praised the fuckstain who murdered six people in California because he also was “involuntarily celibate”. He wrote over 100,000 words on the subject. His lack of sexlife being everyone else’s fault except his own. And so people must be punished.

Reading the above two paragraphs we can clearly see how deeply misogynistic and awful this belief system is. It’s so horrific and seems to represent the apex of “toxic masculinity”. And so these ideas would be rightly scorned by the commentariat right? Sadly, wrong.

We’ve seen think-pieces on how sex-bots should be made so that these men can have sex and release their pent up aggression which is pretty terrible, but the worst takes – and ones that seem to have popped up more frequently than they ever should have (zero being the right number of times this take should have …taken) is the idea of the “redistribution of sex”. The idea seems to have originally sprung from an economist at George Mason University who I think (hope) was being deliberately provocative in that he mused that much like society redistributes wealth from the rich, then maybe we could “help” incels by redistributing sex from the attractive. It won’t surprise you to learn that this guy is a libertarian.

First off, it amazes me that libertarians believe their world view should be enforced upon everyone else. But secondly, and more importantly, the idea of “redistributing sex” has another name. And that name is rape.

This fucking horrendous idea has picked up steam and was written about in the NY Times (boy they love to humanise everyone don’t they? Except for black Americans. They’re easier to keep in a box on the NY Times newsroom labelled “thugs”). The NY times piece confusingly mashed together sex bots and redistributing sex into a mishmash of bullshit misogyny that has largely been called out by women.

So without even going further, you don’t redistribute sex because sex isn’t something that someone has that you can redistribute. By forcing someone into sex, by taking their agency away from them you are in fact committing rape. And so if you think that’s ok, own it. Don’t dress it up with fancy intellectual terms. It’s rape. You want rape to be ok. And rape is never ok.

And it’s not the same as redistributing wealth because a) bodies are not wealth/property; b) sex is not a thing that one has in abundance that can be shared with those who do not and c) fuck you.

This Handmaid’s Tale dystopic crap seems to be a backlash against the rise and search for equity among all genders. Dudes are having their clearly defined roles blurred and they don’t know how to take it. This is what the Jordan Peterson idea represents. It’s a sort of 21st century Nietzsche where “mensch” is taken quite literally to be just man.

And why are we humouring this shit? Why are publications like the NY Times allowing these ideas to get widespread attention? These are terrorist attacks against women, and we’re saying “well maybe the terrorists have a point and we should make rape a solution.” This emboldens these people and their ideas. What they hell is actually going on? I didn’t see these same commentators write pieces after an ISIS attack saying “well maybe we should give Sharia law a crack, I mean it would help ISIS feel better.”

I can’t believe I had to write this piece. What is wrong with you men? If you are not able to engage in relationships then you need to look at yourself. You are not entitled to anyone else’s emotional warmth or physical affection. That shit is earned by not being a dick. So please, men, stop being dicks.


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