Foreign observations

by Editor

So I’m in Europe as I’ve been bragging and I thought I’d do a brief post just so you didn’t worry about me.

Firstly, the English right. They love to talk directions and talk about the weather. If you can find a conversation that meshes the two: conversational jackpot.

Also, the English have become a lot warmer in the 13 years since I was here last. Back then they didn’t tend to strike up conversations with strangers, now they just come on up and start gabbing. Brilliant, love it!

More on the English: the Bristol accent is the best in the universe and they’re all pirates.

Finally on the English, they hate the Germans. But they hate the Argentineans more. Guess whoever fought them most recently huh?

Checking out of the New Zealand scene is both healthy, satisfying and frustrating. I get your evening rage o’ the day when I wake up, and then get Megapope’s morning coffee selfies as I go to bed. In between I follow a bunch of people who tweet things that I don’t properly understand: How can David Cameron continue to sell the NHS? It feels like he’s been doing it forever now.

Also, I still can’t escape Cameron Fucking Slater.

Righto, I’m going to go back to enjoying Amsterdam. Not like that. Maybe like that.


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