Matthew Hooton vs the World

by Lord Sutch

matthewYesterday I covered an incredible radio programme between Matthew Hooton and Michelle Boag. Well the plot has thickened.

The Prime Minister came out today and rubbished claims that his office had interfered with Matthew’s business, however Matthew has not backed down and issued the following press statement:

“This morning I made comments on Radio New Zealand’s Nine to Noon programme about an attempt by staff in the Prime Minister’s Office to interfere in the appointment of my company, which, following a government procurement process, was carrying out work for the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA)’s Christchurch Central Development Unit (CCDU) in July 2012,” Matthew Hooton said.

“My company’s work with CCDU continued until mid 2013 and involved, among other things, researching the knowledge of and interest in Christchurch by investors in Auckland, Australia and beyond.

“I stand by all the statements I made on Nine to Noon including that the contact made by the Prime Minister’s Office to CERA was outside the State Sector Act.

“I am very disappointed the prime minister has chosen not to get himself properly briefed on this matter before making disparaging comments about me to the parliamentary press gallery.

“Despite all this, my support for the National Party is built deep into my DNA. As recently as last week I participated in a fundraiser for the Parnell National Party and have allowed my daughter’s image to be used on National Party campaign material.

“I will be voting National for the party vote and, as advised for the prime minister, for the Act Party candidate in Epsom, David Seymour, and I hope National is able to form a government with its support partners Act, UnitedFuture and the Maori Party.”


Matthew is clearly a tribal National voter and come hell or high water that’s who he’d prefer to be in Government. However he’s also a businessman. And he’s clearly pissed off at this Government for what he perceives as interference.

If Matthew can back up his claims then the State Services Commission would have to investigate, surely. Otherwise why the fuck are they even there?



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CnrJoe September 1, 2014 - 7:35 pm

So yr mate Hooton will blindly support corruption – in the form of continued support for this tottering administration – and feel most aggrieved because his company could- could – of suffered.
Who are these…cretins.

newbs September 2, 2014 - 12:04 pm

The Auditor-General would be a better option to investigate, given that the allegations concern government contracts. And there would be more independence that way.


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