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UPDATE: 25 August, the annual subscription fee has come up again and as I (Dave) have started my own business, money is a bit tight, so if you want to donate to help keep the site live then awesome! But if not that’s cool too. Money’s a thing we all need.

Things haven’t been too active here lately but we’re looking at making some changes to fix that so the Ruminator will be up and running again with posts, guest posts, reviews, and interviews again.


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Any contribution you make will go towards the running costs of the site, including hosting, domain registration, and any costs our contributors might incur during the development of a story. Above and beyond that, any further money we raise will go towards paying contributors for their articles – at present, none of our writers are paid.

We’re committed to keeping The Ruminator advertising free – like you, we hate banner ads and pop ups and all that sort of carry on, and there’s a good chance you’re going to be blocking them anyway. We don’t think that the advertising model is a great one for funding good quality written content. Besides which, you need to be a pretty significant player to get a worthwhile amount of money from advertising, and we’re under no illusions that we meet that description.

We’re not ruling out a relationship a little more like sponsorship (potential sponsors, please get in touch) – but for now, we thought we’d go the koha route. If you like what we’re doing, and you’d like to give something back, there are a couple of options for donation below.

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