Thoughts on media coverage of the election #1

by Lobby Lud

Decision 2014Media Rant – 16 days to go

Hey TV3,, NZ Herald etc – Winston Peters’ decision to “hold out” on his choice for preferred PM is not the most important takeaway (sorry) from yesterday evening’s cosy, minor party leader, Chinese dinner.  It’s not even interesting.

  1. We live in an MMP environment.  Stop fixating on the major parties.
  2. It’s not in Winston’s interest to show his cards at this point.  Why would he alienate a significant portion of his vote by choosing one side?
  3. Winston’s worked with both National and Labour – why are you so sure he has a preference?
  4. Sure, Laila Harre and Colin Craig want Winston to tell all. It’s in their interests. Laila Harre would like him to drop votes so he’s not the king-maker (PM-maker Paddy – it’s a metaphor). Colin Craig wants to suck up any National leaning voters that might run if he names Labour.

Winston might be annoying, but that’s because he plays the game better than them all.


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Archy September 4, 2014 - 7:28 pm

What’s with the stars and stripes thing? Meh

Lord Sutch
Lord Sutch September 6, 2014 - 2:41 pm

It was hard to find an image that represented ELECTION 2014 that was license free. So that had to do I’m afraid.


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