by Miss Moppet

Strong ManAccording to my mum, I’m an addict. She thinks I have a serious problem. She’s probably right. 
If I don’t get it once a day I get grumpy. If it’s not hard enough I get pissed off. If someone gets in my way I snarl. If you tell me I do it too much I sulk.

I am one of those really annoying people who actually loves exercise.

When my mum tells me I have a problem, I tell her it’s better that I’m addicted to exercise than drugs or alcohol. Sometimes I get the feeling she thinks it’s just as bad.

I have had my fair share of “exercise-related” melt-downs. You’ve heard of people getting “hangry” due to lack of food? I suffer from the exercise-version (combine a lack of food AND exercise and you will regret the day you crossed me!). “Rest day” is a swear word in my vocabulary and at times I am sure my body hates me for it… I prefer “low intensity” days.

I’m one of those people (cursed or blessed?) who loses weight when stressed. I also combat stress by exercising. Not ideal. After my grandpa passed away (not long after a rather emotional breakup) mum told me I had to stay away from the gym. I told her I was going to yoga – instead I went running. Lying to my mum, I guess that really does make me addict.

I would like to say I’ve grown up since then. But I don’t think I have. To keep me away from the gym I need to be deathly-sick or hungover (same thing?). My boyfriend thinks I’m mad. He’s probably right. I’ve probably “neglected to tell the truth” to him about going to the gym as well…

I quit my last permanent job so I would have more time to teach classes at the gym. I get home late most nights due to teaching and I’m more than likely to arrange social events around my training. Does that make me a bad person? If you think it does, then you’re probably not my friend. Or, you could be a really good friend and know when I need a good slap to wake me up to reality…. Not that I’ll listen to you.

I’m not stick thin. I’m small, but curvy with super strong legs. I don’t exercise to lose weight. I exercise because it makes me feel good and I have so much fun doing it!

Exercise is my right arm (and yes I’m right handed), you cut it off and I’m useless. A blubbering mess. Some people need a cigarette to keep them sane; I need the gym and my morning coffee.

The Oxford Dictionary defines “addicted” as being “physically and mentally dependent on a particular substance”. It also defines “addicted” as being “enthusiastically devoted to a particular thing or activity”.

Hi everyone, I’m enthusiastically devoted to exercise. Welcome to my life!


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David Robinson April 18, 2013 - 11:17 am

Addicted? You call that addicted? What about the kittens? Have they started serious exercising yet?


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