My list of things I probably won’t be dressing as this Halloween

by Lord Sutch
I don't think I could top this

I don’t think I could top this

Halloween is approaching, and though in New Zealand we half-ass it in comparison to our American friends, a lot of people still get into the spirit of it. Those who haven’t blown their costume-wad at the Wellington Sevens do anyway.

But every year there’s a race to come up with the most shocking/lewd/offensive etc costume. And so this year I’m starting a list of things I shouldn’t go as. Feel free to add to it either via the old skool method of commenting on the blog or on Twitter. Let’s make up a hashtag for it. Maybe #AntiHalloween that might be too many characters. I dunno. What do you kids do on the social media anyway?

  1. Sexy ISIS executioner
  2. Sexy Malaysian Airlines anything (alternatively, say you’re going to go to a party then don’t show up, Hey hey! MH370!)
  3. Sexy journalist beheaded by ISIS
  4. Sexy Colin Craig
  5. Anything that requires me wearing blackface
  6. Anything vaguely political that requires wearing a mask (not because of offensiveness, but because how dull)
  7. Robin Williams
  8. Sexy Ebola patient
  9. Anything related to Oscar Pistorius (this includes but isn’t limited to: Oscar Pistorius, Reeva Steenkamp, a broken door)
  10. Anything to do with the Twin Towers because that is so 2009

Ten items is a nice round number, so yeah if you have any more that you don’t want to see this year feel free to contribute.

This is a racist, not a costume

This is a racist, not a costume



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