Political Kombat Round 1: The Arts

by Lord Sutch

Politial KombatWelcome to Political Kombat. When they can get round to it, two opposing MPs will write on the same topic without either seeing what the other wrote. DRAMATIC.

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At the end we’ll have a winner from each round.

After all rounds of Political Kombat we’ll tally up and see who emerges VICTORIOUS and who will have a suffered a FATALITY.

We’ll be updating this page as each round commences.

The first round is Arts, Culture and Heritage spokespeople: Minister Chris Finlayson from National, and Jacinda Ardern from Labour. Their topic was:

TOPIC: New Zealand artists are making it big on the world stage – but don’t get the same public recognition as our high-performing athletes. Does this need to be addressed, and if so, how would you address it

You can read Jacinda Ardern’s post here

and Chris Finlayson’s post here.

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