Pro comedy in Wellington!

by Lord Sutch

comedy-showOutside of the Comedy Festival there is a tonne of comedy shows around Wellington city that you should check out. But it’s rare that we get a show of this calibre coming to town.

My old stomping ground, San Fran (or the San Francisco Bath House, or the Bath House, or Indigo) is hosting a comedy show that I’m pretty pumped about. It’s being MC’d by Dai Henwood who, despite being on Family Feud still finds the time to be one of NZ’s best MCs, and it’s got three of my favourite NZ comics. Michele A’Court, Jeremy Elwood, and Brendhan Lovegrove.

So shut the fuck up and go order tickets. Because I’ll be there, and I’m great company. But more importantly we all could do with a laugh and this show guarantees at least one hearty chuckle.

So go here to buy your tickets. Go on.

Also, I gain no money from this show so this isn’t even an ad. Or if it is, I’m a terrible businessman.


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