Rumiplaylist: the awfulness

So in a fit of collaboration, I thought I’d ask my friends, family, Twitter followers and Facebook pals to name me one song that I would add to a Spotify playlist. It would be an experiment in musical sharing. Well it seems that either a) most of you have dreadful taste in music, or you’re a bunch of dicks. Because a lot of what’s on there is truly truly truly outrageous.

But I’m still adding to it. So if you have one song you’d like to add, either leave it in the comments or tweet it at me (@RuminatorNZ) with the hashtag #Rumiplaylist. Let’s see how good we can try and make this bad boy.



  1. Replace the bad Primal Scream song with ‘Come Together’

  2. Rumi baby, I’d love “Do Nothing” by The Specials –

  3. the epic poem “John key’s son is a DJ” by Tourettes, available at Splore 2015.

  4. Rick Rowling says:

    “Why’d ya do it” Maryanne Faithful

    Just to cheer you up.

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