Unheralded Stuff: 13 February 2014

by Lord Sutch

Breaking newsMuch of the world has been in a flap about flappy bird. I have it on my phone. It’s not that good. More just frustrating. Anyway, while the poor developer has been struggling with his success other things have been going on.

Thousands of people have been protesting in the streets of Venezuela when it turned deadly. Three people were killed, including a police officer, after armed vigilantes, supporters of the current Venezuelan Government, showed up on motorbikes with guns and opened fire.

Belgium has made a a bold move and has legalised euthanasia for all ages. Apparently there are only three countries in the world who have legalised euthanasia: Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The Dutch allow people as young as 12 to make the decision to end their lives, while Belgium is just saying “go at it young people” and is removing all restrictions. Not sure how I feel about this one to be honest – how informed is a terminally ill minor?

The Central African Republic continues to face massive turmoil. Christian Militia groups have been slaughtering Muslims in, what some are calling, “ethnic cleansing”. Personally I see “Christian Militia” as an oxymoron. Anyway, the President of CAR has vowed to hunt these militia down and sort it out. The Muslim population has got the fuck out of CAR, which is fair, but interestingly, Muslims make up a large number of those working in the food supply industry causing massive food distribution problems throughout CAR.

In inverse news, Islamic militants have killed 39 people in attacks in Nigeria. Clearly a bit self-loathing, these extremists burnt a Mosque down as well as 1000 homes.

Ask.fm continues to ask awkward questions of Internet moralists after an Italian teenager committed suicide following cyber-bullying on the popular site. The website allows teenagers to anonymously post messages to one-another, inciting some horrific tales of cruelty. In this particular case, a 14 year old girl went online looking for support following a break-up with a boy. She was subjected to taunts and ridicule including people telling her to “kill herself”. So she did.

Someone in Spain is going to have a hell of a good time after authorities seized nearly a tonne of cocaine. Backpacks with devices to keep them just below water level were found in the ocean between Malaga and Valencia.

Finally, Japanese zoo officials run rehearsals for if an animal escapes by simulating the exercise. Someone dressed as a Gorilla and zoo officials chased them, pretended to tranquillise them then took them away in a net. That is a job I could get behind.

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