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Death does funny things

Death does funny things

Death’s a funny thing. We’re not that comfortable with it. We don’t know how to think of our own deaths, let alone someone else’s.

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Orcas: the jerks of the sea

Orcas: the jerks of the sea

There is an episode of the Simpsons where the family, through a series of hijinks, get an elephant. At the end of the episode, they take the elephant to live in a nature reserve. Stampy the Elephant doesn’t take kindly to other elephants and starts repeatedly head butting their sides.

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Welcome to the machine

Welcome to the machine

Hello there. Welcome. This is the Ruminator. I trust you will enjoy your time here.

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Democrats should not fight fire with fire

By Simon Jenkins First the horror. The attacks on the World Trade Centre and Washington yesterday before a horrified world were the most vivid display of terror that I can recall. The heart of darkness had come to the heart of light and wreaked havoc. New York is a city I love. It is bond-brother of London and cultural capital of a nation that has entered the new millennium as master of the world. That made it a natural target of envy and hatred. Those who question America’s frequent global interventions in the cause of democracy do so always from a position of respect. Leadership demands a price. When that […]

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