Politics makes me sick, again and again

by Lord Sutch

UNDP Ms. Helen Clark meeting with New Zealand  Prime Minister John KeyWe’re doomed. Doomed to repeat the same bullshit over and over again.

The Greens discovered that the Government’s proposed free doctors’ visits for children wasn’t quite as free as we’d been lead to believe.

Funnily enough in 2007, this National Government had a similar accusation against Labour:




Key used the SIS to discredit Phil Goff, and his Government’s litany of shitty public service neutrality abuses is legion.

Oh and National criticised Labour for this too.



Key has routinely denied there’s a housing crisis in Auckland. Well apparently this was a problem that stretched all the way back to 2007. We know this because John Key said so:


Remember Dirty Politics?  Oh it was very dirty.

Well here’s Key criticising Labour for using “dirty tactics”


And here he is making a claim that National will be clean


We’re also going to Iraq. Because, according to the Prime Minister that’s the price you pay for being in the club. Except another dude bearing a similar name to our Prime Minister said that National would be putting New Zealand’s interests first when it came to foreign affairs. I’m not sure that sending off NZers to the most dangerous place on Earth counts as that.


Oh and then most recently of all, John Key apologised to a waitress for pulling her hair. Repeatedly. For real, our Prime Minister pulled someone’s hair. Over and over again.

Here’s Mr Key on leadership:


And worst of all, this is pretty much the same post I did last time.



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